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Welcome to Half Moon Bay High School's Virtual Library

You will find all the resources, tools, and information you need to search our library catalog, access electronic research databases, and write your research papers.     

Web-based library catalog - Destiny


The library is open from 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday. But thanks to Homework Club which runs Monday - Thursday, the library will usually close around 4:30pm. On Early Release (Super)Tuesdays the library closes at 12:30pm.

SPECIAL NOTE: The library may sometimes be closed due to staff meetings, special events, or other reasons.

General policies

While the library continues to be a main social hub on campus, it is imperative that students remember that the main function of the library and computer labs is to support students in their academic endeavors. Hence, some ground rules:

  • No eating or drinking in the library. Sports water jugs (not water bottles) are allowed, however.
  • Please keep volume at a reasonable level.
  • If you move chairs, tables, or books, be sure to put them back in the place you found them.

Ways to contribute

Book Donations:  We are happy to accept lightly used books of all types from children’s books to adult books and reference materials, if they are a fit for our library needs.

The Library
Mission Statement

The HMBHS Library supports the school's educational program. The library offers a place for students to study, develop research skills, and establish a life-long enjoyment of reading and learning. The librarian works to provide students and teachers with high-quality library services and to develop a strong resource collection that responds to the needs of a diverse population of faculty and students.