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Half Moon Bay High School does not discriminate based on ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, actually or perceived, sex, race, ancestry, national origin, color or physical or mental disability.

Staff Directory


Barnes, James (650) 712-7200 ex.5040 Assistant Principal
Nazar, John (650) 712-7200 ex.5050 Principal
Zammit, Tiffany (650) 712-7200 ex.5030 Assistant Principal

Support Staff

Acosta, Yadira (650) 712-7200 ex.5080 ASB Account Tech
Alvarez, Marianne (650) 712-7200 ex.5070 Registrar
Barnes, James (650) 712-7200 ex.5040 Assistant Principal
Betancourt, Jorge (650) 712-7200 ex.5060 Administrative Assistant
Hernandez, Anahi (650) 712-7200 ex.5010 Bilingual Liaison
Krieger, Sonja (650) 712-7200 ex.5001 Attendance Clerk
Nazar, John (650) 712-7200 ex.5050 Principal
Smith, Jill (650) 712-7200 ex.4210 Library Technician
Zammit, Tiffany (650) 712-7200 ex.5030 Assistant Principal


Chan, Megan (650) 712-7200 ex.5105 Counselor (O-Z)
Smith, Julia (650) 712-7200 ex.5107 Counselor (A-Ga)
Soriano, Maria (650) 712-7200 ex.5103 Counselor (Gb-N)


Agundes, Anthony (650) 712-7205 ex.5113 Teacher
Andersen, Nina Teacher
Anderson, Brian (650) 712-7200 ex.4904 Teacher
Anderson, Walter (650) 712-7200 ex.5112 Teacher
Baker, Christina Teacher
Billy, Sheila (650) 712-7200 ex.4103 Teacher
Blanton, Carrie (650) 712-7200 ex.4710 Teacher
Boysen, Andrew (650) 712-7200 ex.4108 English Teacher, Department Chair
Brown, Andrew (650) 712-7200 ex.4003 Teacher
Carey, John (650) 712-7200 ex.4407 Teacher
Centoni, Joseph (650) 712-7200 ex.4005 Teacher
De Santis, Sara (650) 712-7200 ex.4705 Teacher
DeMartini, Kerrie (650) 712-7200 ex.4701 Teacher
Dubon, Rafael (650) 712-7200 ex.4307 Teacher
Ferdinand, Justin (650) 712-7200 ex.4703 Teacher
Games, Patrick (650) 712-7200 ex.4303 Spanish Teacher
Gould, Claire Teacher
Hart, Sebastian (650) 712-7200 ex.4804 Teacher
Hees, Gerhardt Teacher
Holden, Keith (650) 712-7200 ex.4702 Teacher
Hoskins, Andy (650) 712-7200 ex.4102 Teacher
Jones, David (650) 712-7200 ex.4709 Teacher
Kendall, Marsenne Teacher
Kim, Jake (650) 712-7200 ex.4709 Teacher
Lunstroth, Claudia (650) 712-7200 ex.4101 Teacher
Maggiora, Andrew (650) 712-7200 ex.4306 Teacher
Morford, Lisa (650) 712-7200 ex.4801 Teacher
Mullin, Lane (650) 712-7200 ex.4308 Teacher
Naple, Joey Teacher
Olson, Pat (650) 712-7200 ex.4011 Teacher
Riordan, Sean (650) 712-7200 ex.4014 Teacher
Roth, Brendan Teacher
Ryckebusch, Anne (650) 712-7200 ex.4304 Teacher
Smith, Gayle (650) 712-7200 ex.4006 Agriculture Teacher
Stagg, Ryan (650) 712-7200 ex.4001 Teacher
Stubbs, Vanessa (650) 712-7200 ex.4301 Teacher
Sullivan, William Teacher
Svendsen, Pilar (650) 712-7200 ex.4406 Teacher
Taylor, Dustin (650) 712-7200 ex.4903 / 4904 Teacher
Tower, Deanna (650) 712-7200 ex.4704 Teacher
Treanor, Amy (650) 712-7200 ex.4711 Teacher
Van Wyngaarden, Richard (650) 712-7200 ex.4103 Teacher
Ward, James (650) 712-7200 ex.4308 Teacher
Westwood, Graeme (650) 712-7200 ex.4302 Teacher
Yeakley, Christina (650) 712-7200 ex.4803 Teacher
Yerby, Traci Teacher

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